Phill Kiddoo

Phill Kiddoo


Kenpo Martial Arts - Black Belt

100 Mile Run: Fastest - Western States 18:32

Slowest - Hard Rock 35:47

Marathon Run: 2:58

Marathon Row: 3:22

Mile Run: 5:11

Fran: 3:41

Isabel: 2:40

Grace: 2:23

Clean and Jerk 245#

Deadlift 465#

completed 142 different CrossFit Hero WODs.


CrossFit Level 1  

CrossFit Strongman.

About Coach

More is not better! After 13 years of CrossFit, I’m a true believer in its methodology of fitness, health, and wellness continuum. When not in the box you’ll find me in the mountains where the sun, fresh air, and wide open spaces are good for the bones, body, and soul.

Turning Point

When someone tells you something is impossible, don’t listen. Follow your heart and forge your own path.

Motivation & Passion

Life is what happens while we make plans so don’t squander it waiting. Every day is filled with countless decisions and the little ones made every day can be the most important. Consistency is key.

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